Tier 0 material


  • FAQs should start with a summary of popular topics, or a selection of common actions
  • FAQs section (if of small-medium size) should be a single page with questions as in-page links to the topics listed below
  • FAQs should be concise and clear with obvious headings and links to relevant information sources, assistive images, and instructions
  • Larger help sections should provide some way to quickly search the provided information
  • Links to contact help / support should be prominently displayed towards the top of each page


User manuals

  • Help / User Manual sections should start with an Index / quick summary of topics for easy user navigation
  • User manuals should provide clear annotated instructions with as little room for ambiguity as possible. The more covered here, the less non-technical support questions will be asked via email
  • Help sections should use clear sub-headings to delineate sections
  • An email help button at the end of each section helps to remind users that support is provided (if in fact, this is the case) and they can request help if they do not find what they are looking for, or if they wish to report an issue